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for him i flew
for him i fell

11 Ekim 2009 Pazar


Mushi Shi

I came across this anime on the net and it attracted me as it seemed rather different from the others so i downloaded all episodes...
Events takes place in very glooomy yet soothing atmosphere; our heroine is Ginko, a Mushi shi which means 'the specialist on Mushis'. Mushi's are spirit or more likely a bactery like creatures that live in our world but most people dont see them ( natural talent reqquired to see them) . I compared Mushis with Djins a lot: ) Their world and ours sometimes collide and Mushis could infect people or the environment. All through the episodes, Gingo tries to find and heal the people that has infected. I dont want to give much spoiler indeed:) There is also feature film of Mushi shi released in 2006.

so, why i liked Mushi shi;

- Ginko is very cool!:P he smokes constantly to get rid of the Mushis which is a good excuse to smoke :)

- mushi's have a transparent yet glowing color and different elastic shapes which is poetic and dreamy to me

- the music! believe me,good music galore in the episodes!

- smooth colors of the anime

- general calmness in the caos-like situations ( Ginko is so cool that he hardly ever suprises by the circumstances which is attractive for me again! )

So , with a Mushi shi episode, i think u can get rid of the daily stress and relax a bit...

8 Ekim 2009 Perşembe


hi there! i had this blog about 2 months ago and it is high time that i wrote about anime and things i like and things that inspire me , give me happiness. This is a real cliche but ; i think the world is really sucks so , we people need to relax in our own worlds sometimes. This is why i decided to reveal a part of my world... Lets start with some animes;
I am partly a newbie in the anime world . I first introduced by anime with Miyazaki's Spirited Away two years ago , i loved it so much that i wanted to explore more. Then, i understood that since my childhood , my favorite cartoons has been the animes ( and the ones touched by miyazaki) and i concluded that i have this love in my blood :) Today, i want to write some favorite Animes in JApan. I read this article on a magazine so it became kind of a wishlist to me.

Chibi MAruko-Chan

The sequences came off in 1990 and now it has lots of middle aged fans! Mayuko is an elementary student living in the Shizuoka disctrict. Let's say her family and the traditional japanese family-life of 70's is the theme of the anime. Maruko and her families daily adventures are told in a fun way...
There are also two movies of the sequences :

and there is a soap opera called 'Chibi MAruko Chan A Drama'

As you see, Maruko is as cute as Hello Kitty :) Even though the events in this anime are told to be old fashioned now ,I want to watch this anime too much so put it on the top of my wishlist.

Manga Nihon Mukashi-banashi

In this anime , famous japanese folk-tales and stories are told. Most of the stories aims in teach morality as they are stories of course. some of parts of the anime are kind of experimental works , such as the ones that has Kage-e shadow pictures . The sequences broadcasted between 1975 and 1994 !

For the ones who want to learn more about Japanese culture , this old anime would be both fun and useful, i think!

Ginga Tetsudo 999 ( Galaxy Tetsudo 999)

Hoshino Tetsuo is a boy who searches for immortality. But the only way for this is his having a mechanical body so he takes a train called Galaxy Express 999 towards the space with a mysterious woman . Along the way, we watch his different expreiences and each experience reflects the value of our lives...

Ojaru Maru

This sweet creature Ojaru Maru comes from the old fairy land Heinkyo to the present day japan. The life is very different from what it is used to for it but it tries to keep the pace. Whereever our character goes , there is always a trouble . This series could be regarded as for children but they are very much liked by parent, too...

Ojaru Maru reminded me of Miyazaki's Kiki a bit. If you think animes are ageless ,then watch it :)

So thats the end of my wishlist and my first entry. Of course there is more to come...